Super America Doubles Gas Coupons on Tuesdays

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Starting today, Tuesday, corporate Super America Gas Stations will double gas coupons in MN!  Franchise stores will NOT be doubling coupons, so if you are unsure…call the store. There are just a few rules:

  • One coupon per person
  • The coupon can not be expired
  • They will accept competitor coupons
  • They may or may not accept printable gas coupons as it says nothing in the email about them.
  • They will double gas coupons on all Tuesdays until they are told to stop!

You can print out a few coupons below  if you don’t have any.  Please post any other printables that you know of.

.05 off Holiday coupon HERE

.06 off Marathon coupon HERE

.07 off O’Riley’s coupon HERE

.05,  .10, and .20 Marathon coupons HERE (look at the restrictions on coupons)

Look on the back of your Cub or Rainbow receipts for gas coupons also!

21 thoughts on “Super America Doubles Gas Coupons on Tuesdays

  1. Can you use more than 1 coupon in 1 transaction? Holiday and Cub Gas allow this, but not sure about SA. Also, we buy the $50 gift cards and then use them to pay for gas. You get 1000 speedy rewards for buying the giftcard so you earn points for free gas even quicker!

  2. I sent my guy to O’Ryans in Osseo tonight with a coupon for gas. They knew nothing about the double coupon Tuesdays. The clerk was really nice though and gave him the doubled coupon anyway. Anyone else have this happen today? Did the company really inform the stores about this???

    1. Elizabeth…Super America was doubling coupons not O’Ryans. I provided you with printable coupons that you could bring into Super America to double if they were a corporate store. I provided the coupons in hope that they will accept them, since the one person I talked to didn’t know if they would take them or not.

  3. Just wanted to also let you know that Freedom Stations take competitor gas coupons too up to 5 cents!
    Today I had an exceptional clerk that doubled it and I got 10cents off a gallon!

  4. I called the SA in Big Lake and the cashier had no idea what I was talking about. But, she did say that she would leave a note on her manager’s desk and find out the answer for me.

  5. My SuperAmerica refused to take a coupon printed off of the computer, only those from newspaper ads. I pointed out that their sign clearly said “we accept all coupons.” Apparently my coupon wasn’t a coupon… This after I had filled my entire tank with their gas which was priced $.03 over the Holiday store, which would have accepted my printed coupon. Buyer beware!

    1. Lisa…that bites. When I called, they didn’t have anything in their email to say that they would or wouldn’t accept printed gas coupons. The manager said that she would have to see the coupon first. Umm…yeah…like we just make up gas coupons on our spare time. :(

      1. Karen,

        Last night I put $106 worth of gas into my husband’s Navigator. The cashier was going to double my 20-cent off Marathon coupon, but the system wouldn’t allow it. I was only able to get it at face value, which is still pretty good. My question is, how do we get a copy of the policy on this? I’d like to know exactly why the register beeped so I can avoid it next time. Thanks!!

        1. Debbie…I went yesterday and they have to manually hand enter the amount off. Did they know about the doubling? If they are a corporate store, they should know how to do it. I would call the store manager and ask them.

          There is no official policy on it.

  6. My SA also would not accept my printed coupon. First the attendant the prior week said did you know its double coupon day and I didn’t have a coupon. Then the next week I’m back with one and they say its not the right kind although their sign says we accept competitors coupons. This is false advertising and they produced no printed documentation as to their “policy” of not accepting printable coupons. I’m contacting the corporation. Grocery stores have stopped printing the gas coupons on the register receipts. So now I’m out of coupons of all types.

  7. Hi all, just to shed a little light on the subject;

    SA does accept competitor coupons, but there are restrictions. They can vary slightly from manager to manager, but generally, a valid coupon is one that is from a competitor in Minnesota, has an expiration date on it and isn’t past that date, and has the competitor’s name or logo on it. They also have to follow any stipulations on said coupon, like a gallon limit, or with cash or a car wash.

    SA will take more than one coupon per transaction, if the coupon says you can use more than one a time. They’ll usually only double the highest value coupon though, if you use more than one on a Tuesday. They also don’t accept ones that they can’t keep. If you know your coupon is legit, but a normal CSR won’t accept it, ask to talk to the manager and they can usually straighten it out for you.

    “Umm…yeah…like we just make up gas coupons on our spare time.”

    This actually happens more often than you’d think. When they first started doing the promotion, people were bringing in coupons that had been edited from 6 cents into 66 cents. People don’t seem to understand that if that kind of thing happens to often, they’ll probably stop the promotion. A case of a few people ruining it for everyone.

    Remember, also, that SuperAmerica is under new ownership, who have never been in retail before, and when you go in on a Tuesday, the people working are probably trying very hard to keep track of people pumping gas, managing the lines that form, trying to organize the stacks of coupons they have accrued, and trying to keep customers happy.

    This isn’t any kind of official posting from SA, it’s just from experience. 😛

    1. Thank you for your explanation and I agree that it only takes a few to ruin it for the rest of us with made up coupons. THOUGH why would we ever want to make up a printed coupon for .10 or less? I wouldn’t take a .66 either that was printed. Screams fake to me. Sounds good that we need to just talk to a manager.

      1. SA only take 1 coupon per transaction and they do take printed coupon just NOT photo copy. They don’t take photo copy coupon is because people do a cut and paste on a (example) .30 off with car wash. If you want to save more what you can do is buy a Fuel giftcard and pay your gas with it. With Fuel giftcard you can save up to .3 , .5 and .7 off it depend on what grade you use. And if you have a MY SA card you get 20 points per dollars on the giftcard. You can redeem your MY SA points for a .10, .25 and 50 cents gas coupon and the double it too. Make sure you get MY SA card and use it every time you spend your money there. To get a free gas coupon you can go to Thats where I get my coupons.

  8. I get .30 off per gallon coupon’s from KMart (they are for BP stations) I went to two different SA stations (both corporate) The first SA refused to take my coupon. Said, sorry we don’t accept those particular coupons but would take any others. Then I went a few blocks to another SA & they doubled my coupon without a problem. I believe that it depends on the clerk even more than the store. If the clerk know what they’re doing, you get your doubled discounted coupon. If not, then they pass you off & use the excuse “we don’t take that coupon”. After calling a manager of the 1st store I was told they, in fact….do take that type of coupon on double coupon day. Go figure….. One could use a gallon of gas driving around to be turned down anyway… Just because a clerk was uninformed, not trained or just too lazy. Anyway, I’m glad I went to the 2nd location, .65 off a gallon of gas is great!

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