Rainbow Foods New Coupon Book – exps 2/27

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Rainbow Foods Unlimited DoublesRainbow Foods just came out with a new coupon booklet. The coupons are good through February 27, 2013.  If you didn’t get a coupon book in the mail…you can ask at your Rainbow Foods to see if they have an extra one.

***I was also informed that stores should of gotten an email that they are NOT allowed to give the price unless you have the actual coupon.  They will not scan a coupon at the register anymore.  Now personally, all stores don’t always adhere to the emails they get, so ask at your store if you can get the price if you don’t have the coupon from the coupon book.

Each item listed below is a limit of one unless noted.  You will need a coupon to get the price and the final price is after a double coupon if there is one to be doubled.

NOTE:  The FINAL PRICE listed is AFTER the coupon being doubled IF it can be doubled.

****I added in iBotta “coupons” in these match ups as Pick N Save shoppers can take advantage of bigger savings!***

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2 thoughts on “Rainbow Foods New Coupon Book – exps 2/27

  1. There are also a couple of S&W beans coupons out there – a $1/2 from Facebook and we also got one in the paper either last Sunday or the one before. I think the regular price in store is 1.29 or 1.39. So if you use 2 of the $1 off coupons I think you would be able to get 4 cans for free when doubled?

    1. The facebook coupons aren’t for MN anymore…I checked. You are right about the S&W bean one…it was in last weeks SS paper. Thanks!

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