Rainbow Foods Grocery Stores Unlimited Doubles Dec 8th and Dec 19th

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Heads up!  This just in and it is totally unbelievable!  You would have NEVER of guess it in a  million years as Rainbow Foods are giving us another chance at UNLIMITED DOUBLES!

Rainbow Foods is going to have unlimited doubles on Saturday, Dec 8th and Wednesday, Dec 19th.  They are also giving us Double Doubles on Dec 15th!   There are a few rules though that we need to follow while shopping at Rainbow Foods Grocery stores (sorry Copps / Pick N Save shoppers).

  1. You do have to have a $25 purchase, but that won’t be hard with unlimited doubles
  2. $1 and under coupons will double
  3. You are limited to just 5 of the SAME coupon PER HOUSEHOLD per DAY, which means that you can’t send your kids/ husband  in another line with coupons.   They also said that you are not suppose to go in and leave the store and come back inside to use another of the same 5 coupon.  They said that the cashiers can deny you using the same 5 coupons again.  Here is an example of the 5 coupons per household, per day rule:5  $1/1 Peanut Butter coupons = buy 5 Peanut Butters
    5  .50/1 Bread coupons = buy 5 Breads
    5  $1/4 Soup coupons = buy 20 Soups
    5  .50/2 Spaghetti Sauce coupons = buy 10 Spaghetti Sauce
    5 .40/3 Soup coupons = buy 15 soups
  4. Now the registers may lock up when you hit about 600 items or “lines” on the register.  A line would be an item, a coupon, or a raincheck.

This isn’t up on their website yet and please don’t start calling the store to make sure that your store is participating.  Advertising will more than likely be radio ads and a print page in the Sunday paper.  It is all Rainbow Foods Grocery stores.

Ask any questions and I will be happy to try to answer them for you as to not inundate Rainbow employees with questions that they may not know the answers to.

3 thoughts on “Rainbow Foods Grocery Stores Unlimited Doubles Dec 8th and Dec 19th

  1. Just got this weeks ad, which would include the Dec 8th sale, but its not being advertised in the paper. Are they still doing unlimited doubling on Saturday the 8th and just not advertising it in the Weekly circular?

    1. This is something that they just decided to do and the ads are made well in advance. They will have print ads in the Star Tribune and of course radio ads.

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