Rainbow Foods Fresh Perks Program

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103_0477Yesterday I talked about Rainbow Foods Fuel Perks Ending and a little bit about the new Rainbow Foods Fresh Perks.  I went into Rainbow Foods yesterday and found a brochure on it along with asking questions about it.  Here is what I found out:

  • Fresh Perks begins April 28th and people are getting their new cards in the mail
    -Some will receive a special $5 promotion coupon that you can print out from your account online starting April 28th
    -The $5 off $25 coupon is meant just for that person’s card…no other card.  The computer will beep and the coupon will NOT go through if your card was not assigned the coupon.
  • IF you do not get a new card in the mail, then you can sign up for one in the store.
  • You will need to be signed up for Fresh Perks and you will need to use your card or enter in your phone number for your purchase to go towards your Reward
  • From April 28 through July 20, you need to buy $400 worth of qualified purchases in order to earn the 1% Reward which equals $4.    Then for every $50 after the $400, you get another .50 reward.  IF you do get $400 towards your reward, then you earn nothing.
  • IF you earned a Fresh Perks Reward, you can then redeem it starting July 21 – August 3.

BONUSES to the Fresh Perks Program

  • There will be additional Cash Back promotions throughout the year
  • Load the card with manufacturer coupons (can NOT be doubled and can be used only once)
  • Extra Double Daze Coupon Events
  • Savings from their Fresh Salad Club, Baby Club and Pet Club (not sure what these are)


  • Your receipt will track your Fresh Perks Rewards on the bottom just like the Fuel Rewards.   The amount tracked should be the same as with the Fuel Perks….after store coupons, but before manufacturer coupons.


After typing this up for you, I cam up with a few questions of my own.  Do you have any questions?

  • What happens after August 3rd to the program?
  • Why not just give you the $4 reward once you earn it and you start to earn again?

10 thoughts on “Rainbow Foods Fresh Perks Program

    1. Good question. I would think that we will have to all change our numbers on Saving Star now to the new Fresh Perks number. Though will it still work? I am not sure. Will have to wait to see what Saving Star says.

  1. To your question “Why not just give you the $4 reward once you earn it and you start to earn again?” I believe it is so they don’t have to give so many people back that 1%. See eventually we will all spend $400 on groceries. But by making it have a deadline they will have the few people that will be tricked and try to spend WAY more then they need to for that 1% and the others that dont spend $400 on groceries each month will not get that 1%. thats one more dollar that they get to keep to themselves.

    1. Totally agree with you. Though you can get more than $4 back now that I saw the brochure. My next question would be…will they end the program once the “earning and redeeming” period is up or will they start a new earning period?

    1. From my understanding you can’t as you would be stacking 2 manufacture coupons on one product which is against what is worded on the actual paper coupon. You can use a store coupon still.

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