Rainbow Foods Coupon Policy

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I just received the Rainbow Foods coupon policy for their stores!   Print it off and keep it with you as you shop.

  • · We will gladly accept manufacturer’s coupons from our customers. The following rules

apply to the acceptance of all manufacturers’ coupons within our stores.

o Coupons must be presented at the time of purchase.

o Coupons are not accepted past their expiration date.

o We do not accept voided coupons. Coupons are considered voided if they are

copied, duplicated, altered, etc.

o We do not accept coupons for products not purchased.

Items received free through store promotions are not eligible for further

discounting by manufacturer’s coupon.

o Only one coupon per purchased product is accepted.

o Coupons are accepted for products only of equal or greater value; we do not give

cash back on coupons.

o Coupons presented and products purchased must match exactly. We follow all

purchase stipulations set forth by the manufacturer.

_ Examples include size restrictions, quantity purchase requirements, etc.

o Sales tax is paid by the customer at full retail.

Specific Policy Points

  • · Buy One Get One store promotions

o Coupons will be accepted only for the product(s) purchased. Coupons will not be

accepted for the products(s) received free.

  • · Meal Deal store promotions

o Coupons will be accepted for the product(s) purchased by the customer

associated with the meal deal. Coupons will not be accepted for any of the free

products associated with the meal deal.

  • · Internet Coupons

o We accept internet manufacturer’s coupons, with the exception of free or buy one

get one free internet coupons.

63 thoughts on “Rainbow Foods Coupon Policy

  1. Since I’m not going to make it to Coborn’s today, I’m going to try my luck with Rainbow tomorrow. I don’t think I’ve ever bought any groceries there. Wish me luck! and it was very helpful to have these rules, Karen, thank you!

        1. You can use as many coupons as you want, though only FIVE (5) will doubled in a transaction.

          Though you can only use 1 store and 1 manufacturer coupon per item. No using 2 manufacturer coupons on 1 item.

    1. I looked for that also Jessica as I was told that it was their newest policy NOT to accept printable coupons over $2.

  2. I think Rainbow is too rigid with there coupon policy. I have only shopped there a hand full of times since I’ve started using coupons again. That’s just me.

  3. I was hoping to see some clarity around the ‘do not double’ coupons. This Saturday the cashier pulled out all items that said ‘do not double’, rather than letting the register double these. This included coupons that started with 5 in the code. Bummer.

    1. I have never understood why manufacturers even put DND on the coupons. The manufacturers take the hit and then the store takes the other part.

      1. I too have wondered why manufacturers would care if stores choose to double and “take a hit” on their profits. It does not affect the manufacturers so why do they care to put the DND on the coupons.

        1. I have been wondering that also. They get their product into the hands of the consumer, so who cares if the store takes a loss.

  4. What about coupons that say ‘$1 Off ANY’ & what ever the product is. Are you only limited to what the image is on the coupon, even though it states ‘Any’? I have ran into instances where the cashier makes that judgment & I settle not wanting to cause an issue.

    1. Christine…thank you for bringing that up. I always tell the cashier that the manufacturer can’t put every product on the picture and the wording is what it to be followed.

  5. At the store on the register stands and by the service desk it states “internet coupons can only be taken for CENTS OFF” so that would be under 1.00

    1. Bridget…I have used printable coupons over $1 at Rainbows. You could look at that a $2.00 coupon is also for “cents off”. I believe they are meaning that they won’t take free item coupons.

  6. In Rainbow’s coupon policy, it states it will double up to 5 coupons on Wed as long as I spend a minimum of $25 in a single transaction. Is that before coupons or after all the coupons?

    1. No, they do not price match anyone else. They also will not take another stores coupon if it says “store coupon” on it. They tend to take other stores manufacturer coupons, though not all Rainbows will do this.

  7. I know that they would double 5 coupons on orders over $25. lets say as I use some of my coupons but not 5 yet and the balance goes below $25 will they still double?

    1. Your total has to be $25 total and then they will double 5 coupons. It is totally okay for your total to go below $25. They will still double all 5 of the coupons.

      $25.00 total bill
      -$2.00 ($1.00 off coupon doubled)
      -$2.00 ($1.00 off coupon doubled)
      -$2.00 ($1.00 off coupon doubled)
      -$2.00 ($1.00 off coupon doubled)
      -$2.00 ($1.00 off coupon doubled)
      Final cost: $15.00

  8. Zanda, Karen.

    The $25 is total posted price. For instance, they have GM cereals for $1.99 this week, one of the selected cereals is the fiber one 80 calorie. On the Fiberone website you can get $1 off which will double, making the cereal free.

    The $25 comes in as the cereal’s regular price is $4.29 (at my rainbow) x5 = $21.45, they also have a store coupon for kotex tampons for $1.98, and I have a MFG coupon (that won’t double as I’ve used 5 already) for $.50 cents off, the regular price is $3.69 making my total visit $25.14 but after coupons will pay $1.48.

    1. Thanks Jenny. There are still some stores that are VERY adamant about the $25 must be on the register before they will take the coupons.

  9. I was wondering does anyone know where to go to find coupons online I went to too places and you have to download all these different things than at the end no coupons print. I thought on saturday rainbow doubles up to ten coupons.

  10. I was wondering how you double coupons. i’m not sure if you have to print 2 of the same coupon or if it does it need a request at the cashier?

  11. I have a quick question about Buy One Get One Free Coupons. I used a BOGO coupon and bought 2 body washes (with coupon, 2 for the price of 1). Can you also use another manufacturer’s coupon for $1 off the item that was not free?

  12. Hey are you guys talking about the Rainbow Foods stores in Minnesota? Or are there rainbows elsewhere? I really need to get into the couponing thing to save money for my family, I have rainbow and cub foods near me and was thinking rainbow might be better since they double the coupons. Any of you have any advice or any tips on where to get started?

  13. It looks like Rainbow is no longer doubling coupons on Saturdays – may want to update your info on that. The website only lists Wednesday as does the most recent ad. I’ll check with my store today when we do some shopping to confirm!

  14. So, if I, for example, have two Rainbow coupons for $1.00 off a product, can i buy two of that product and use both coupons?

    1. Ummmm…not 100% sure of your question. If the coupon is $1.00/2, you have to buy 2 of those items. IF the coupon is $1.00/1 ABC manufacturer coupon and you have a $1.00/1 ABC Store coupon, then you just need to buy the 1 item that matches the coupon. Make sense?

  15. Can I use a $2.00 off manufacturer’s coupon for Saturday’s double coupon day and get it “doubled” for another dollar off? Or will they not accept any coupon over $1.00 for doubling?

  16. I found an awesome clif bar coupon that goes with the store coupon this week. The only problem is that the coupon printed without a barcode. I don’t see anything in the Rainbow coupon policy that says they do or don’t accept a printed coupon without a barcode. Anyone know if I can use these coupons?


    From my calculations, I could get 20 bars for free!
    the bars are usually $1
    in the rainbow book, there’s a coupon for $5 off 20, which comes to $15
    the coupon is $1/2 and 5 of them will double.
    so if I use all 10 coupons, I’ll get 20 bars for free!

    1. LOL I was kinda confused until I saw that the coupon is meant for CANADA only. LOL It also has someone else’s name on it.

  17. I’m very new to this whole thing… This week, Rainbow is running a save $9 on 6 boxes of cereal and save $8 on 8 boxes of Hamburger Helper (both savings applied instantly at checkout) . Let’s say I only purchase those items and the total after the instant savings drops below $25. Will they double the coupons I have to save $1 on 3 boxes of cereal and $0.75 on 3 boxes of Hamburger Helper (2 of each)?

    1. Janelle…good question. Your coupons should have no problems doubling as long as your total would be $25 before the discounts AND that your store doesn’t mind that your total on the register is below $25.

  18. Ok I’m very new to this and might try this couponing thing this saturday since it’s double double daze.
    I was wondering for the $25 if I had a bogo coupon would the full price of the 2nd item be added in to my total so I can hit $25?
    Specifically I have a store coupon for johnsonville brats for $5.98, and a mfc for bogo of the brats. Would it then be $5.98/1 and reg. Price which I think is $6.98 for the other?

    1. Your total is $25 BEFORE coupons, so hand over the coupons you want to double first and then your BOGO coupon. It would be up to the cashier as to which one she would take off though hand over ALL manufacturer coupons first as the cashier should take off reg price first.

  19. I noticed that a lot of coupons do not have the typical barcode with either “5” or “9” in the beginning of the number. Instead, they have a longer barcode with a number above in the following format: XXXXXXX-XXXXXX. Will these double? I assumed no, and have never tried… but thought I would check. Also, I typically do not try to use coupons that say Do No Double on them — which unfortunately eliminates a lot of good deals. Do you guys go ahead and try to see if they will double?

    Thank you!

    1. There is no way to know on the newer barcodes if the coupon doubles or not unless you try, BUT if it doesn’t say DND then the cashier should double the coupon for you. Some of the older barcodes are acting weird also as they start with a 5, but say DND…some will double and others won’t. Makes no sense at all.

      Yes, I will go and see if a coupon doubles as the cashiers at my store know that I will only buy a product if it is a deal.

  20. I have a question regarding the save $xxx when purchasing $xxx of participating products. In the 7/29 ad, they are offering $5 off instantly the purchase of $15 of participating Unilever products. Is the $15 amount before or after coupons? Body wash is on sale for $4 and I have $1 coupons that is eligible to double on Double Daze. Would I be able to purchase 5 of these products and get the $5 off? Thanks in advance for help

    1. Your sale price of items need to be at least $15 and then feel free to use coupons to lower your bill down. You will still get the catalina since there is no mention about the $15 having to be after coupons. I wouldn’t purchase 5 of the items though as you only need 4 to get up to $16. Use another coupon to double for the 5th coupon.

      Buy 4 @ $4 = $16
      Get $5 off instantly = – $11
      Use 4 $1/1 coupons doubled = – $3 total or .75 each item

  21. OK if there is an Item on sale for $1.00 and I have a coupon for .55/1 and they double that there will obviously be an overage. Do they still take the coupon or since they don;t allow overages will I not be able to use it? Thanks in advance.

    1. You can still use the coupon, BUT they don’t allow overage anymore. It will double another .45 to the price of the sale item

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