Rainbow Foods, Copps, Pick N Save, Metro Market Fresh Perks Givewaway- Over $9,000,000 in Prizes

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103_0657With the Fresh Perks Bonus Rewards ended (must be redeemed by 8/3), they are coming out with a NEW program which promises over $9,000,000 in prizes and Fresh Perks available PLUS 1 Million in FREE products!

Camp Parade Day 2013 026This program is going to be rolling out at Rainbow Foods, Copps, Pick N Save, and Metro Market staring 8/8/13 and going through 10/9/13 or while tickets remain.

Rainbow Foods Fresh Perks Giveaway

Introducing Fresh Perks Giveaway program which is taking place of the Monopoly Game that they have had in the previous 2 years.  So no game boards, BUT there will be tickets that look like they are “peel away” vs the tear apart kind.

Shop More, Win More

1) Earn 1 Ticket every time you shop beginning August 8th, 2013 with your Fresh Perks Card.

2) Earn Bonus Tickets for Every $50 in purchase in a single order (not sure if this is before or after coupons…the register will tell the cashier how many tickets you earn).

3) Earn Bonus Tickets by Purchasing Bonus Items.  Look for each weeks Bonus items in the store.   Starting 8/8 – 8/17, you can get bonus tickets for select General Mills cereal, Kemps Select Milk, Brew Pub Pizza and Glaceau Vitaminwater.  These are just a few products…there are way more in the store.


Every Ticket is a Winner!

*Once you get a ticket, open it up and see what your “prize is:  Fresh Perk points, Food item prize or entry into a giveaway for $25,000, Free Groceries for a year and many daily gift card prizes.

Claim your Fresh Perks by bringing your ticket and Fresh Perks Card to any register and they will automatically keep track of your accumulated Fresh Perks at the bottom of your receipt.

*Redeem your Fresh Perks Reward automatically on your next purchase made  between Oct 17 – Oct 30, 2013

200 Fresh Perks = $2 in FREE Groceries
400 Fresh Perks = $5 in FREE Groceries
700 Fresh Perks = $10 in FREE Groceries
1000 Fresh Perks = $20 in FREE Groceries
2500 Fresh Perks = $50 in FREE Groceries (this is the max that you can earn in free groceries)

*Play Online with the special code that you get on certain Fresh Perks Tickets.  Enter the codes them early, since you can win daily gift card prizes, free groceries for a year or $25,000 cash

Of course, you can redeem any FREE food products as soon as your next transaction.  :)

29 thoughts on “Rainbow Foods, Copps, Pick N Save, Metro Market Fresh Perks Givewaway- Over $9,000,000 in Prizes

    1. Need a little more information as to what you are talking about? This giveaway doesn’t start until the 8th.

      IF you are talking about your Fresh Perks card, did you get a new one? Copps or Pick N Save?

  1. Where is the register spot to put our pin number for the bonus chance to win $25,000 Cash, Free Groceries for a Year or a Daily Gift card Prize?

    1. The game hasn’t started yet. It starts on August 8th and then you will have to get a ticket at your local store with a purchase. Then IF your ticket has a code…then you can go to the site and register for it, BUT it STARTS on AUGUST 8th.

      1. You need to go to FreshPerksGiveaway.com to enter. I haven’t entered my yet, since I have to find my cards. Right now I just use my phone number at the grocery store.

  2. If you want to get more people to shop at your Roundy’s stores why not lower the prices of your products. I have said it before and I will say it again. I never thought that I would buy my groceries at Walmart. But your greed has made me do it. Since Roundy’s took over there Pick & Save stores the prices on groceries has increased faster then my health insurance. I shop at your store only if the price on an item is less then other stores. I was in not to long ago because you had a sale on meat and i was going to pickup some cereal because I was running low. But there was no way that I was going to spend about $1.50 for a box of cereal. Same goes for frozen pizza. Typical corporate greed. Anyway to make a quick buck. I used to shop at your stores twice a week and now if lucky twice a month. You put items on sale and it still is more expensive then Walmart. Next time you come up with another goofy idea why not let the consumer give you ideas.

    1. I do not work for Roundy’s stores. You may want to send them a direct message with your comment.

      Though most people would LOVE to spend $1.50 for a box of cereal without using coupons. I know for a fact that you can not find a name brand box of cereal at Walmart for $1.50. :)

      I shop at a Roundy’s store ONLY for their sale items. Rarely will you see me buying anything at full price at any store…including Walmart.

  3. This game and perks is ridiculous, not everyone has access to computers to enter all this, I find it was much better when we had fuel perks to look forward to, I will be shopping at other grocery stores in my area now .

  4. I previusly entered my Pin, but now I can’t seem to find them and Idon’t know where the spot is to enter our Pin #’s. Was this just another come on???

    1. Roxy…I haven’t added my codes yet cause I have to find my card…I usually go in and use my phone number. Look around…I am sure it is there.

  5. For some reason this site will not let me comment. I’ll try again. I am unable to get a ‘submit’ on my screen when I register for the giveaway. When I called Roundy’s I was told that the screen needed refreshing and to try again. I’ve tried three times now and am unable to close out the registration process successfully. Any ideas?

    1. I have not registered yet, but that has to be frustrating. Try clearing your cache or try another browser ie Chrome, Firefox, etc

  6. I to have stopped shoping at pick and save in my town. the prices are to high. I stopped in the other day just to pick up a few quick things I was in a hurry and 35.00 dollars later for a couple of things. if I would have went to Wal-Mart in would have been like 20.
    and this game I cant find were to enter the pin code to win the prizes this is just a pain. I will just price match at Wal-Mart if pick and save ever has anything in the sale at cheaper then Wal-Mart.

    1. Marvin….Look on the top of your Rainbow Receipt and your card number should be there. Otherwise…go to the Customer Service and get a new card. Anything on your old card can be transferred over.

  7. I entered about twenty codes with the number and password but these things have disappeared should i start over? probly not worth it but where would i go to do it?

    1. After you enter in your codes, it will say you have so many “chances” towards the prizes. Try entering in another code and see if it accepts it or not. It should say it is a duplicate code.

  8. I think it is UN fair that I earned more than 2500 points I have 4150 now all the rest gone to waist yes I probablt will be shopping else where I think after this first try with this it will fail alot of poeple probably dont know they cant ise all the points

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