Rainbow Foods, Copps, Pick N Save Grocery Deals for January 13-19

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Rainbow Foods, Copps, and Pick N Save Grocery deals for the week of  Jan 13-19.   Rainbow Foods, Copps and Pick N Save will have doubles on Wedesday and Saturday with the regular 5 coupons doubled with a $25 purchase.  Don’t forget about UNLIMITED DOUBLES on January 26th!

If you are new to shopping these stores, please check out the 101 basics of how to do the deals HERE.

  • Don’t forget about the Rainbow Foods Coupon Booklet good through January 23rd
  • If you shop at Copps Stores and your ad doesn’t look like the one below, check out the ad HERE.
  • Don’t forget that there are NEW Coupon Rules to Roundy’s stores Doubles.  Apparently not all stores know about these new rules and so it is frustrating to watch others “abuse” them.  Just don’t be shocked if you don’t follow them, that you are “told no”.
  • NOTE:  The FINAL PRICE listed is AFTER the coupon being doubled IF it can be doubled.  Don’t freak with the $99.99 price as it is just stating that the final price varies…just no way to put that in there.

Buy 10 items, Get 50 Bonus Box Tops or Buy 15 items and get 100 Bonus Box Tops

8 thoughts on “Rainbow Foods, Copps, Pick N Save Grocery Deals for January 13-19

  1. Ibotta coupons are only good at Pick-n-save but you can go and vote for stores you want put on there. So maybe if enough of us vote we will get Rainbow. It has Roundys to vote for.

      1. Sorry Karen I didn’t see your question. This is from the iphone app. go to help at the very bottom go to Help Center then Where it works, then which retailers does it work with, near the bottom of the page uneder please note it says vote here. Not that easy to find. I put in Roundys then there is a place to write in a store so I put Rainbow there.

  2. Better Oats oatmeal 5 packet boxes of instant oatmeal for $1. Their facebook page offers a $1/3 coupon. So $1 for 15 packets instant oatmeal sounds good to me!

  3. regarding the old el paso catalina deal. if i buy multiples will i get the $2 off for each group i purchase or do i need to make seperate trips?


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