Rainbow Foods, Copps, Pick N Save Grocery Deals 1/27 – 2/2

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Rainbow Foods, Copps, and Pick N Save Grocery deals for the week of  Jan 27 – Feb 2.   Rainbow Foods, Copps and Pick N Save will have doubles on Wedesday and Saturday with the regular 5 coupons doubled with a $25 purchase.

There are some AMAZING catalina and instant savings deals listed this week.  Get ready to have your head SPIN with deals!

If you are new to shopping these stores, please check out the 101 basics of how to do the deals HERE.

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  • If you shop at Copps Stores and your ad doesn’t look like the one below, check out the ad HERE.
  • Don’t forget that there are NEW Coupon Rules to Roundy’s stores Doubles.  Apparently not all stores know about these new rules and so it is frustrating to watch others “abuse” them.  Just don’t be shocked if you don’t follow them, that you are “told no”.
  • I added in the iBotta coupons as Pick N Save stores CAN use this feature.
  • NOTE:  The FINAL PRICE listed is AFTER the coupon being doubled IF it can be doubled.

Buy $35 of Magnum, Breyers, Klondike, Popsicle or Ben & Jerry's by 3/31 w/ card and get $5 coupon
Buy 5 items w/ card, Get $5 off instantly at Checkout
Save $5 instantly wyb 10 Uniliver items w/ your Roundy's card
Health & Beauty
Buy $35 in P&G Products in one transaction and get a $10 Visa by mail
Save $7 instantly when you buy $20 of Uniliver products in a single transaction w/ your Roundy's card
Buy $15 of Pfizer Products and get a $5 coupo w. card

12 thoughts on “Rainbow Foods, Copps, Pick N Save Grocery Deals 1/27 – 2/2

  1. Another ? wouldn’t the final price on the King’s Hawaiian rolls be $.50 if you doubled the $1 coupon? Or am I missing something as usual :)

  2. I’m on a roll tonight. There is a Pepsi coupon on coupons.com $1/2 for bottles or if you belong to the Savings Club would be $2/2 so would be like doubling and wouldn’t count towards your coupon double limit.

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