Rainbow Foods Changes Ad – Less items on sale

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Rainbow Foods July AdI was talking to a store manager at Rainbow Foods after I saw the Rainbow Foods ad and told him how much I loved the new look….now you have to understand that doing coupon match ups each week take quite some time to do because there were over 225+ items on sale in the ad and I wanted to get as many of the items matched up with coupons.

The manager said that it was way to hard to keep on top of 225+ sale items (aka…keeping the items stocked on the shelves)  and the ad now showcases less than 100 items on sale.  He also stated that we should hopefully see even “better” deals in the ads.

What does that mean to you and me?  Well for me, it means that my time doing the coupon match ups will be hopefully cut in half.  For you and me…less items on sale for a double or a double double coupon day.

** One more thing…he said that 18,000 more homes with home delivery newspaper would be getting the Rainbow Foods ad back in their Sunday paper….the sad thing that my zip code wasn’t included in those 18,000 homes :( **

In this weeks ad,  there will be a 5 day sale and then also a 7 day sale.

5 thoughts on “Rainbow Foods Changes Ad – Less items on sale

      1. I contacted Rainbow (Roundys) via website to complain that our paper (also in Champlin) does not get the ad in the sunday paper – and they said they would add me to their mailing list so i do get an ad every Saturday via snail mail :) and I also get one when i buy the Pioneer Press on Saturday

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