Office Max Update: Paid .07 for 9 items!

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103_0656On Sunday, I headed to Office Max with the FREE Highlighter coupon from the Office Max ad and look what I got for .07!  They were out of the hole punchers which I really wanted, but I have another FREE Highlighter coupon I can use.  I also included a picture of some of the backpacks that they  have for .01 after Office Max Rewards.

I bought:

  • 2 packs of Sharpie Highlighters @$3 each **This gave me my $5 I needed for the .01 items**
    – FREE Sharpie HIghlighter coupon from Office Max’s ad from Sunday paper (could buy 2)
  • 5 Plastic Pencil Pouchers
  • 2 Scissors

They  have ads in the stores, but they do NOT contain the coupon.  Be sure to check out the rest of the Office Max School deals before you go.

2 thoughts on “Office Max Update: Paid .07 for 9 items!

  1. for the first time the person at Office Max said I was supposed to spend $5. and the hilighters didn’t count, but still went ahead with the transaction. My daughter was the one paying at the time, not sure if that was why?

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