List of Minnesota State Fair Freebies

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Due to popular demand on Creative Couponing’s Facebook page, fans want to know what you found at the Minnesota State Fair for great deals and / or freebies.

Please post:
1- What it is that you found?

2- Where you found it?

3- Did you have to do anything special to get it (other than to stand in a line)?

LIST OF FREEBIES – Use the map HERE to locate them. Maps are available at the Minnesota State Fair also.

U of M (located on Dan Patch) – Free drawstring backpacks

G-24 Watkins Inc. (Heritage Square) : Chicken noodle soup sample

H-24 German Specialty Imports ( Heritage Square, south wall) : German napkins

M-25 ESPN AM 1500 ( East side of Chambers St., north of Carnes Ave., west of Grandstand Ramp) : T-shirts

N-23 Jim Hansel Editions (Lower Grandstand, northeast wall) : Jim Hansel art cards

N-23 MN Historical Society (Lower Grandstand, northwest quadrant) : Buttons, children’s activity books, maps

N-23 Advocates for Human Rights (Lower Grandstand, northwest quadrant) : Bookmarks, temporary tattoos, magnets

N-23 The Spectacle Shoppe, Inc. (Upper Grandstand, southeast wall) : Cleaning cloths

N-27 KIA – (South side of Carnes Ave. near southeast corner of Carnes Ave. & Clough St.): KIA Bags

O-25 MN Blue Flame Gas Assn. (West side of Nelson St. between Dan Patch & Carnes Aves) : Yardsticks

O-26 Star Tribune (North side of Carnes Ave. between Chambers & Nelson Sts) : Plastic bags, wet wipes, flavored lip balm

P-25 (?) MN Blue Flame Gas Assn ( Nelson St., between Dan Patch and Carnes) :  Yardstick

P-27 KARE 11 (East side of Nelson St. between Carnes & Judson Aves): Money bags, penny press, autographs, Draw string back packs (certain times of the day)

R-8 3rd Lair Skatepark (Corner of Murphy Ave. & Underwood St., northwest quadrant) : Skateboard magazines

R-25 MN Farm Bureau Federation (Underwood Street) : Kitchen spatulas, reusable grocery bags, AgCab lab, trading cards

R-25 Pronto Pups (West side of Underwood St. between Dan Patch & Carnes Aves): Pronto Pup headbands

R-26 Builders Assn. of Twin Cities (North side of Carnes Ave., near northwest corner of Carnes Ave. & Underwood St.) : Guidebooks, magnets, plastic bags

R-31 Midwest Dairy Assn. of MN (Dairy Building) : Recipe books, trading cards, butter-fy yourself cards, headbands, hand fans

S-18 Gold N Plump (Wright and Underwood) – chicken hat and $1.50 coupon (thanks Jeanne)

S-22 Crossroads Chapel (East side of Underwood St. between Wright & Dan Patch Aves.) : Cross craft necklaces

S-30 5-Hour Energy (Underwood St.) : Samples of 5-Hour Energy liquid dietary supplement

T-13 Kemps (West side of Cooper St. between Randall & Lee Aves) Samples, coupons, Joe Mauer string backpacks

T-17 Chrysler Group Dodge (West side of Cooper St. between Wright & Randall Aves.) : Tote bags

T-19 Girl Scouts of MN and WI River Valleys(South of Wright Ave. between Cooper & Underwood St) Fans, pins, cards

T-24 QuitPlan Services (North side of Crossroads Bldg, south side of Dan Patch Ave) : Quitplan brochures, mints, water bottles, palm cards, Quitcash postcard, savings handouts

T-29 Walmart (Just south Agriculture Horticulture Bldg) : Samples, photo opportunities, kids seed planting and farmer visits.

U-18 Sensodyn (tent – Wright and Cooper) – 2 free travel size toothpaste. If you do a 2 minute consultation, you get a sling bag w/ an additional 2 tubes of toothpaste. (Thanks Jeanne)

U-24 MN Health Fairs (Crossroads Bldg., East Auditorium ) : Tote bags, Ear plugs, hearing aid batteries, Emery boards

U-28 Ocean Spray ( East of Agriculture Horticulture Bldg, near the Skyride terminal) : Samples of Ocean Spray juice, dried fruit packets and “On the Go” powdered drink mix

W-20 Home Depot (West side of Cosgrove St. between Wright & Dan Patch Ave) : Yard sticks

V-14 Gander Mountain(Cooper St. & Randall Ave., south of The North Woods) : T-shirts, Sunscreen, kids headbands, catalogs and hats

V-16 KTNF Radio (South side of Randall Ave. between Cooper & Cosgrove Sts) : Window clings, temporary tattoos, schedule cards

V-18 WebKinz (On west side of Cosgrove St.,between Randall & Wright Aves.) : Trading cards, figurines, kinz klips, kinz bands,  bookmarks

V-23 MN Farmers Union (North side of Dan Patch Ave. between Cosgrove & Cooper Sts.): Cinch bags

V-22 Custom Remodelers Inc. (Home Improvement Bldg., center aisle ): Beads, fairies, rings, carabiners, car toys, finger puppets, Dum-Dums

W-14 MN Pollution Control Agency (Progress Center, north corner of Cosgrove St. & Randall Ave.) : Minnesota bandz, temporary tattoos

W-16 Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of MN (Randall Ave. & Cosgrove St.) : T-shirts, bracelets, band-aids & holders, chalk, hand sanitizers

W-20 Andersen Corp. ( Cosgrove St. between Wright & Dan Patch Aves.) : Sling backpack, yard sticks, seed sticks

X-21 MN Forest Industries Inc. (Education Bldg., southwest corner) : Tree seedlings

X-21 Education Minnesota (Education Building): free personalized calendar, where fairgoers get their pictures taken and immediately printed on a 2011-12 calendar

X-21 MN State Colleges and Universities ( Education Bldg., just right of main entrance) : Pencils

X-21 Minnesota Teen Challenge (Education Bldg., east wall) : Wristbands

X-21 St. Cloud State University Alumni (Education Bldg., southeast corner) : SCSU tote bags, SCSU Husky/STC tattoos

X-21 St. Mary’s University (Education Bldg., east wall) : Lollipops, drawstring backpacks

X-21 Alzheimer’s Assn. (Education Bldg., southwest corner) : Magnets, buttons, cards

X-21 Bethel University (Education Bldg., southwest corner) : Values wristbands

X-21 Better Business Bureau (Education Bldg., northeast corner) : Post-it notes, tape measures, clips, flashlights with keychains, pens, window clings, bracelets, bags

11 thoughts on “List of Minnesota State Fair Freebies

  1. U-18 Sensodyn (tent – Wright and Cooper) – 2 free travel size toothpaste. If you do a 2 minute consultation, you get a sling bag w/ an additional 2 tubes of toothpaste.

    S-18 Gold N Plump (Wright and Underwood) – chicken hat and $1.50 coupon

    1. In the Horticulture building in the center you could spin a wheel to land on a free gift. It was sponsored by a florist but I don’t remember the exact name. I got a pink folding hairbrush (for your purse), but also saw people win pens, flowers, and candles.

      1. For the Horticulture building, you can win anything from a little card calendar to a Webkinz to a $10 gift card (I didn’t get to see what the gift card was for, everyone in my family got a bracelet–even the guys). Early in the day, they were giving away single roses but they were out by the afternoon).

  2. sensodyne must have changed their process. There were no sling bags anywhere and I went around 9:30am. You could get the 2 free toothpaste without signing up but that is all you get whether you sign up for sweepstakes or not.

    also, the webkinzs is a spin the wheel and as long you get back in line you can take extra turns to get one of eah prize, bookmark, trading cards, or 1inch figurine. also besides the $5 webkinz you can get a carrier for $2. or a internet card for 1000 pts for $5(normally $10).

    also remeber that the girl scouts are only there on sept 3rd and 4th.

    107.1 was giving away pink nail polish but had run out by afternoon. I also don’t think anyone knew about the nail polish as the girls had them hidden and after you took a bag they gave you one. i GOT 2 because my daughter also grabbed a bag.

  3. We are planning on going tomorrow, so I was looking on the MN State Fair website tonight and they have some of there free stuff posted. They also have a place where things only cost $1. Go to Tickets and Discounts and than 2011 Deals, Drawings and Giveaways. Its a 6 page brochure but its pretty sweet. I will be adding it to all the suggestions you guys have made. Thanks for all the updates! Have fun at the fair!!

  4. Right before you enter Heritage square, there’s a road set up with tents (sorry I can’t remember what it’s called but it’s promoting health/physical activity). If you do a bean bag toss, you can win a prize. Prize depends on which size hole you get the bean bag in, smallest hole gets a stress ball, biggest gets a magnetic poetry sheet; not sure what the medium size one gets). 4 beanbags per person.

  5. Chevy dealership is giving away drawstring backpacks. Have to fill out a card with your information, name, address, email and what type of car you’re currently driving.

  6. Ocean Spray is giving away free ice cold samples of 4 of their new flavors. You can go back as often as you wish, they are in little cups so you can’t store them away. 😀 If I remember correctly, they are by the skyride by the Ag/Horticulture bldg. I should have been writing these down so I wouldn’t forget locations!

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