Menards Mail in Rebate 101

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Please read through the rules of how to do the rebates.  Ask questions if you have any.

  • The rules have changed and you no longer need $10 in additional items to pick up any mail in after rebate item.
  • WATCH the limit.  The limit could be 1 or up to 10 items.
  • Once purchased, you will get a rebate “receipt” for each item that you purchased free at the end of your normal receipt.  Each slip (all connected) will have a rebate number on it.   You can get the actual mail in rebate form from the area that has all the rebates or you can print them off at  If you can’t find the slip at the store, they will usually print it for you.
  • ***Be sure to buy the limit on ONE receipt.  Menards only accepts one receipt per rebate even if you haven’t reached the limit
  • Most of the rebates will go to one address, so you can put them all in the same envelope.
  • Be sure to fill out each of the forms.  I use address labels for mine.
  • You will receive one white postcard in the mail .
  • You do NOT have to spend the whole amount at Menards at one time and you can use it for future free after rebate items.  They will put it through the machine to tell you what you have left OR write on it
  • You can check status here

29 thoughts on “Menards Mail in Rebate 101

  1. 1) wording – “you will get a rebate receipt for each item that you purchased…”
    2) You do NOT need to pick up the rebate forms at the store (though I almost always do). You can just print the PDFs from the Menards website.
    3) You can put them in the same envelope if they go to PO Box 28 @ 54739
    4) You will receive one green postcard in the mail for every 5 rebates you submit. Which rebates end up on which postcard seems somewhat random. The order is not by submission date.
    5) You can check status here

  2. Does Menards take competitor coupons? I have a Lowes coupon for $10 off $50 and there is lots of stuff I want at Menards! I know Home Depot will take it, but again, lots of good deals at Menards.

  3. Does Menards take competitor coupons? I have a Lowes coupon for $10 off $50 and there is lots of stuff I want at Menards! I know Home Depot will take it, but again, lots of good deals at Menards. Also, if I am buying many items with mail in rebates, will a coupon effect the mail in rebates?

  4. I have shopped a lot from Menards, They have a variety of lots of items. I recently purchased 4 (four) Sing-A-Ma-Jigs fro Menards. I should have received $20.00 in merchandise credit . I only received $10.00. I have tried tofollow all rules for all these years. Now how should I get the other $10.00. The postmark is outdated now. I just received the merchandise credit check through mail. Pleae let me know what to do.

    1. Connie…do you have proof as to what you were suppose to receive? Was the limit 2 on the rebate slip? I would contact Menards to see who you can talk to about the mistake. Otherwise…I would return two of them.

  5. I saw once that you can only have a limit of 10 rebated items total. Is that true or is it just for a certain item with a limit of 10?

    1. I posted them in the groups that you can have a limit of 10 items TOTAL for that rebate. So you can’t buy 10 Folders and 10 notecards and expect to get back the rebate for all 20 items as they are in the same group for the rebate.

  6. If you make copies of your rebates then you have proof just in case you don’t get proper credit. We’ve done the Menards rebates for years and this has only happend to us once and we called them and got it straightened out. Also just as an FYI we have mailed in expired rebates and still gotten credit for them. I don’t guarantee it will always happen but for the price of a stamp it’s worth a try. But do make sure you have the rebate slip along with the receipt for each rebate or you won’t get the rebate. So far that’s the only time we didn’t get credit for an expired rebate is when we didn’t have the rebate form with it. (and of course you can’t print expired slips online so do try to get that slip before you leave the store, just in case.)

  7. If you submit for a Menards rebate item and then the item is available for a rebate again for a different timeframe, are you allowed to receive the rebate again?

    1. Yes, you can do both rebates as long as the first rebates dates are different than the second one…ie..first rebate is good through 9/9/12 and the second rebate starts after that end date.

  8. Not really thrilled with the rebate program. Just bought 3M window insulator kit and didn’tfind out they only allowed one kit max for a rebate. I bought two and you have to send it to 3M for it.

    1. It usually states it in the ad or next to the product. Just return one of them if you don’t want it…I’ve been there and done that.

  9. what address do I send my rebate form I printed from the computer I did not pick the rebate from menards won’t do any good unless I have a address to send it

    1. Why don’t you want to publicize your address foe the rebate centre. Tis is ridiculous searching for the mailing address.

      1. Pat…the address is listed on the actual rebate form you print off or pick up in the store. Though the majority of them should be

        PO Box 155
        Elk Mound, WI 54739-0155

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