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It seems that there is a bit of confusion on how to print off store lists and I apologize, but not all lists are done using the same system.  I’m going to show you how to print off the lists from both systems.

For the stores that have no square boxes  next to the item (like CVS, Walgreens, Cashwise, Menards), you are going to go down to the bottom of the list and click on the button.

That will open into a new window where you will delete the items you don’t want.

Once you are done deleting the items you don’t want, you will go to the top of that page and either click on the “print”,  “email” or PDF the page button.

Now…IF there is a store list that has the square boxes  next to the item (Rainbow Foods, Copps, Coborn’s), you are going to go down the list and click what items you want added to your list.  Once you are done adding items to your list, go the bottom of the list and click on the button.

A new window will pop up to the side of the page that looks like the above picture.  Don’t worry…your coupons aren’t suppose to show up on it yet.  IF you want to delete something on the list, click on the “remove” on the end.  IF you want to clear your WHOLE list, click on the “X” in the upper right.  If you are ready to print, click on the printer icon and another window pops up.

Now once I click on it my printer page also opens up to allow me to print my list WITH all of the coupons showing as
seen in the above picture.

What is nice about this print feature is that I can actually go from my Rainbow list to my Cub Foods list and print them together if I wanted to.


5 thoughts on “How to Print Off Store Lists

  1. Has anyone else had trouble with the button “add to my coupon list”? Nothing happens when I click that button…no window pops up and pop ups are not blocked. :( I have been copying and pasting to a Word document and I’d much rather do it your way! Any idea what the glitch might be? (I am using the most recent version of Internet Explorer.)

    Thanks for all you do!!

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