Rainbow Foods 101

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Rainbow Foods~

  • Double 5 Coupons on Wednesday or Saturday only
  • Coupons that start with a 5 will double
  • Must have $25 Retail ~watch coupons to double.
  • NO expireds
  • Can use store and manufacture coupon together
  • Can usually ROLL catalina deals
  • Sign up for their Roundy’s Card (free to get one)
  • Rainchecks expire in 2 weeks
  • .05 credit for each of your own bag used

Rainbow Foods coupon policy 2013 HERE

Rainbow Foods is part of the Roundy Store system.   Copps and Pick N Save tend to have the same items advertised.  Pick N Save ads go on a Thursday to Wednesday ad week, while Rainbow Foods and Copps follow the Sunday to Saturday ads week.  When talking about Roundy’s, I will just be using Rainbow Foods.

Rainbow Foods will double coupons right now on Wednesday and Saturday, but there are a few rules that you have to follow.

Roundy’s Card

You will want to sign up for a Roundy’s Card (free) as there are a couple of benefits to having it.  There are going to be many times that in order to do a deal, the ad will say that you can get the deal only if you use your Roundy’s card.

Another benefit is having your purchases go towards getting money off each gallon of gas.  For each $50 you spend (sale / regular price), you get .05 off a gallon at participating BP gas stations.  The .05 off a gallon is cumulative.   Once you earn .05, that .05 will expire in 3 months.

It will tell you at the bottom of your receipt how much you have earned, how much money towards your next reward, and if you have any discounts that are going to expire in the month.   My last trip I earned .20, but it also told me I had .10 that was expiring this month.  I had .40 off a gallon for the month, but I never made it to the gas station for the  month, so I am down to .30 off a gallon.  You can’t go to the gas station and say you want to use only that .10 off.  It is all or none.

You can get up to 20 gallons by using your discount on the gas.  You are unable to have any of it carried over.  So if I filled up with only 15 gallons of gas and use my .30 off discount, I lose the other 5 gallons at .30 off.  I tend to have my daughter come with me and we fill up with 20 gallons between the two cars.

I have earned $2.20 off a gallon and with the max fill of 20 gallons or $44 off my bill!  Just make sure you bring your card with you so they get the numbers off the back.

Double Days

On Wednesday or Saturday if your total is $25 or more before coupons, you will be able to double 5 of your coupons up to $1.00 Value.  The 5 coupons will double like the following:

.25 will double to .50

.50 will double to $1.00

.75 will double to $1.50

$1.00 will double to $2.00

You will see it this way on your receipt:


.25 double


.50 double

If you have any other coupons above the 5, the registers will deduct just the face value of the coupon.

Of course there will always be a few exceptions to the rule above.  If your products regular price is $1.25 and you have a .75/1 coupon, it won’t doubled to $1.50.  It will take off .75 and then .50 will be the double amount.

Though, there is an exception to the rule to the above.  If the products regular price is $1.50 and is on sale for $1.00 and you want to double the .75/1 coupon, it will double like this:   .75 off and then it will take off another .75.  Why the difference?  The coupons will double up to the regular price of the item resulting in overage.

You will always want to give your cashier the higher valued coupons on top of the pile of coupons.

Breaking Up Orders

The best way to maximize this is by breaking up your orders into $25 amounts or getting your totals as close to $25 as possible.

Don’t be afraid to do a couple of orders at the same time when you check out.  Do NOT go up to the register and hand things to the cashier until your total is $25.  The cashiers and customers behind you want transactions to go quick and this is not a quick way.

When you go to the store, be sure to have a calculator with you and then keep a running total of your order.  I also have on hand post it notes, paper clips and a pen.

I put one order on one side and the other order on the other side of the cart with a “path” in the middle.  I have a friend who separates their orders by using the black plastic baskets and putting them in her cart.

As you add items to your cart, you put the price on the post it note and then of course you have the calculator to add it up.  Paperclip your coupons together and place them on the side as you add items to your cart.

I don’t have a 100%  laid out plan before I go to the store as many times there are items that are out of stock and then I am scrambling to think of another way to do it.  So I go in with the list of items that I have coupons for and start to put items into my cart.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have a list.  You should go into the store with an idea of what you are going to buy to make your $25.    If you want 10 cereals at $2.50, 4 pizzas at $5, and Frozen rolls ($2.50), you are going to want to split it like this:

2 pizzas @ $5 (reg price $6.99)= $10

5 cereals @ $2.50 (reg price $3.29) = $12.50

1 Frozen rolls $2.50

= $25.00

-$4 (2 $1/1 pizza coupons)

-$4 (2 $1/2 cereal coupons)

-$2 (1 $1/1 Frozen Rolls)

= $15 out of pocket (You saved $10 in coupons)

*Many of you have found out that even if your total isn’t $25 before coupons that your coupons doubled.  Rainbow Foods registers are set up to accept the retail as the threshold of the $25 in order to double the coupons.  It will be up to your store if they fully enforce the $25 before coupons or not.

Internet Coupon

There are a few rules that you will have to know when using internet coupons at Rainbow Foods.  Your coupons can be in black / white or color.  They will NOT take printable Buy One Get One Free coupons or completely Free coupons.   There are mixed reviews on if your store will take higher valued printable coupons.   There is no rhyme or reason to if they will take them or not.

I have never heard them not taking a coupon that is from the newspaper.  It can be free, BOGO, or money off coupon.

They will also not take a coupon on an item that is free according to their policy.  For example… if noodles are on sale for BOGO, you can only use a coupon on the first one.  If you have a $1.00/2 coupon for the item, it will go through.

DND Coupons

Rainbow Foods use to double any coupon even if it stated DND (do not double) as long as the register did it on its own.  There are still a few Rainbow Foods stores that will still double these coupons…lucky you.

Most stores will NOT doubled DND coupons even though the registers will still double it if it is scanned.

To know if a coupon will double or not (if your store allows any coupon to double), look for a “5” at the beginning of the upc code at the bottom.  If it is a “9”, it will NOT double.


Catalina Deals

Rainbow has just started to use a new phrase in their catalina deals that state that the deal has to be at or above AFTER coupons in order to get the catalina to work.  There have been reports that it does work after coupons (total is below the amount stated) and others say that it has to be after coupons for the total.  So I will always state in my match ups if the total has to be after coupons.  It really screws up making the deal better because of the fact that you have to buy more and many times they won’t have the product in stock.

Catalina’s also can usually “roll”.  This means that if you want to do the deal more than once and use the catalina to pay for the next one, you can.

Cub Foods Catalinas

You are more than likely wondering why I am putting this in Rainbow 101.  I wanted to alert you that at many Rainbow Foods, you can use these (not expired).  If you are unsure, ask at your customer service counter first.

Rain Checks

Rainbow Foods rainchecks last only 2 weeks.  If the product isn’t in yet, go to the customer service counter to see if they can extend it.

Bag Credit

Bring in your own bags and get .05 for each bag that you use!  A great way to save a little bit more money on your bill.  It all adds up.

What did I forget?  Questions?

106 thoughts on “Rainbow Foods 101

  1. Great article! Thanks! Just one thing, though. The Copp’s ads in the Green Bay, WI area run from Sunday to Saturday. They used to run from Thursday to Wednesday, but that was quite awhile ago.

      1. Hi Karen,

        Thank you for the info! I live in the Milwaukee area and shop at Pick N Save and our ads run Thursday-Wednesday, although up in the Appleton area (about two hours away) they run Sunday-Saturday.

        I started collecting box tops for education about a year ago, and whenever Pick N Save has their bonus box top promo I will have them check me out several times and earn up to 1000 Bonus Box Tops in a single week. I always go on Double Coupon Days and save a ton of money too! :) My son has collected 8000 box tops in less than a year, and I saved so much money!


        1. Way to go Lisa! 8,000 BTFE is $800 for your son’s school! I’m sure your son’s school loves you shopping on those weeks.

    1. Candi,
      You are from Green Bay WI? I am from Appleton. Are you good at couponing? I could use a little extra help..lol

  2. Thanks for all the info. I have always been worried about seperating my orders. I was thinking maybe they tracked the 5 doubles on your card so if you used your card twice on Wednesday it wouldnt take another 5 Q to double. But from your great article I am assuming that you can do it as many time as you want. Is that right? Love your blog.

  3. Very informative! I appreciate your explanation on how to use the coupons as I have had some issues in the past. Great job on your new website too.

  4. I noticed as of a few weeks ago that if the current ad wasn’t my ad you directed us to it. Are they (Pick n Save) the same ads at all stores now?

  5. Do the Rainbow Foods in the Twin Cities/ Metro Area still double on Saturdays? I remember reading that they were going to discontinue the Saturday doubles, but not sure if they extended it again.


  6. I had 7 separate transactions and the Roundy’s card would not be accepted after 5 transactions. Bummer because I use the gas discounts.

    1. Barb…I think the registers are programmed differently at the stores. I was able to get 7 on one card the last time, but only 6 the week before. I have no idea…maybe it is a register’s mood for the day. LOL

  7. I still don’t understand what catalina deals are. You stated above, “Rainbow has just started to use a new phrase in their catalina deals that state that the deal has to be at or above AFTER coupons in order to get the catalina to work.” What do you mean ‘the deal has to be at or above AFTER coupons’? I just don’t think I’m getting your phrasing.

    1. Mary,

      Sorry about that…let me explain. Rainbow or Cub has a catalina deal stating that if you buy $20 worth of P&G items, that you will get a $5 catalina (coupon at the register good on your next purchase). They have now started to put in their ad that you can only get the deal that is being offered (catalina) if you spend $20 after coupons.

      Example: Buy 10 items at $2 each = $20 and you would get the $5 at the register

      Buy $10 items at $2 each = $20 ,but you use 5 $1 coupons bringing your total to $15 = NO $5 catalina given because your cost of the product fell below the $20.

  8. (I’m a newbie… FYI!)

    I read the fine print at the bottom of this weeks rainbow ad, and it says in order to double 5 coupons total has to be 25$ AFTER coupons and B4 taxes. Does this differ from what I read here or am I not getting it? LOL!

    1. Stephanie…the stores registers will double on the retail value of the items. Many of the stores just take your coupons and scan them. Though there are a few that are pretty strict about seeing $25 on the screen before they take your coupons to double.

  9. Hey Karen, its krystal from rainbow. lol You are a great person and are awesome of putting all of this together! :) Hopefully I’ll see you again soon.

  10. Let me see if I got it right:
    For Double Day coupons
    $25 retail value
    5 coupons double
    can add additional coupons but they will not double
    How/who decides which 5 double?

    1. Kristen… you have it right. You decide which ones double by putting the coupons with the highest value first. Though if they say DND, the cashiers will more than likely not double them. Remember only $1 and under coupons will double.

      Plus on Saturday, you can double 10 coupons!

  11. how do these people on extreme coupoming get 40 pastas free, free sauces. soda free, toothbruches free etc.in such a big amount purchased, it seems to me when i shop at pick and save they let me do one item per visit i have never done this before but with my fridge bare and the tooth past sample i have running out i am very intrested please help

    1. Cheri…at their stores they don’t have limits. When I did the Kare11 piece I had to do 16 or 17 transactions in order for my coupons to double at Rainbow Foods (same as PNS).

      You should be able to do one order and then bring it out to your car and come back in and do another one.

      Plus, they got what was on sale at the time and you have to be in the right store at the right week to get the deals.

      1. Just clarifying something you told her. Can I do two separate transactions so I can use 5 coupons on each that double or do I go outside and come back in for the second one like you mentioned above to Cheri.

    2. Cheri- I have been told bya friend of the producers of that show that there is no way for ‘normal’ shoppers/couponers to be able to do that. stores dont double that many coupons, nor do companies give out that many coupons. Could be just a rumor…..

      Jesica- For rainbow you dont have to go out to your car and come back in, but if there is a line behind you, you caould try to do one transaction and then get back in line. I guess it depends on the cashier and how organized you are. I do two transactions in a row with others in line.

  12. Question…for coupons that you have that are over $1 – will those never double? or how do they handle those are they just good for the value of the coupon? It would be nice if they would at least add $1 on as this is the maximum you can get added on for a coupon that doubles. So, if you have a $2 off coupon, it would be nice if on double day it was worth $3.

    I have only done 1 “extreme coupon” trip to the grocery store, I was thrilled when I saved $85!!!!

  13. Hi! So…Rainbows will accept a manufacture coupon along with their store coupon together….can I still use it on weds. and sats. and get it doubled and use rainbows coupon to get more savings?

    1. Yes! Rainbow will double the manufacture coupon, but not a store coupon. I just gr this deal on a Saturday:

      Hotdogs were on sale for 2 packages for $3. I used a $1/2 manufactures coupon which doubled. Then I used two .50 cents off store coupons (can’t double).

      $3 (sale price for 2 packs) – $2 (doubled coupon) – $1 for store coupons = 2 packs of free hotdogs.

  14. I’m preparing my lists for Wednesday at Pick N Save in Oshkosh-Koeller St. Last week I ran into an issue. EVERY other week I scan items until they reach the $25 minimum, then apply my coupons, then my roundys card. Last week however my coupons didn’t double and the not so friendly female store manager told me that I have to scan my roundys card, then my items, then my coupons in order for them to double. Luckily I was buying candy and soda for my employer so I had fillers so I could still complete my 5 orders, but it was a huge confusion to me. I just read your ‘101’ about the store again, and I can’t find the answer. Can you clarify which way is correct?

    1. Jennifer…I haven’t ever heard of something like that. Your coupons should be doubling with or without the card. There are times where I hand my card first before the cashier rings up anything and it works. Other times I have put in my card at the very end and my coupons have already doubled.

      It doesn’t make any sense why your coupons didn’t double. It was the machines problem as I have had that happen to me while filming for Kare11. No one had a clue of why, so we just redid the order in the same way and the coupons doubled.

      1. Sometimes when I do multiple transactions I forget to scan my card at the register, the PNS registers will not double the coupons until the card is entered. It must be how they’re set-up.

  15. Hi Karen! This page has been wonderfully helpful. I just have a small question. When does the store look at the $25 retail purchase? Is it before or after the Roundy’s Card, because that would make a big difference with sale prices, clearance, etc?

    1. The computers look at the retail price of $25 to double coupons. Each store can say that it has to say $25 on the register before they will double your coupons.

      1. I have 2 stores that are less than 5 miles from my home, at the Copps store the register has to say $25 before any coupons are doubled. If you use store coupons, the total still has to be $25 before double coupons. I hope that makes sense. On the other side of town, PNS has an anything goes policy as long as it’s legal. Can you guess where I shop?

      2. Rainbow in Plymouth told me that the $25 is by regualr price not sale, or coupons. So if you buy an item on sale for 2.99 but the regular price is 5.99, the 5.99 will go towards you $25.

  16. Thanks for the information. I live in West Bend, WI and I have been able to use My Walgreens Catalinas at our Pick N Save. Recently I have noticed the Wags Catalinas are now worded differently saying Redeemable Only at Walgreens. They used to Say Redeemable at Walgreens….Have you heard anything if they are taking those?
    Just curious.. thanks

  17. This is indeed a ROCKSTAR explenation Thanki YOu!! BTW
    I Spent $35.11 @ rainbow on 34 items..I saved $44.36 I got 17 monopoly cards (I’m gonna win something :) Considering 3 of the items were big ticket meat items 1family pack of brats @7.99 (12 in a pk) and 2pks johnsonville chkn sausage 2@7.00 I kicked coupon A$$!

    1. Many of them will accept other manufacturer coupons from other stores ads, though there are a select few that still say no.

    1. Any coupon that starts with a 5 at the beginning of a UPC will double whether it says DND on it or not. The register does it automatically and it will be up to the cashier to not double it.

      1. So what if you have a coupon that doesn’t have DND and doesn’t have a five at the beginning of the UPC? Can you use those? Thanks your my hero!

        1. If the very first number of the UPC starts with a 9, then it won’t double. If there aren’t any numbers, then this is a new venture. We have no idea what the first number is. Though most coupons will double.

  18. Hello,
    I am reading through this article & am confused about the “if it does not double , use a gift card” can you explain that to me please ??

    Thank you so much for your help!

    1. Veronica…if you thought your total should be above $25 and handed over the coupons and they don’t double…grab a gift card and put $5 or $10 on it. Your coupons should double then with your total being $25 or more.

    1. The only way I know if there is double double is when someone tells me that I trust. There is no site that will tell you what is going to be on sale the next week.

  19. Oh wow thank you so much for all this information. I’ve been teaching myself how to do this for the past couple months and you just answered all of my questions that I couldn’t figure out on my own! Wish I had found this earlier…

  20. So if you have 10 of the same items, can you use 10 identical coupons for that item and have them doubled for Double dazed as well as use 4 other different coupons and have them doubled as well?

    1. If you are buying 10 items that are all the same and you have 10 coupons to match those items, you can only double 5 of them. That is their limit. It doesn’t matter if they are the same coupon or all different coupons. They will only double 5 coupons.

  21. My mother-in-law past away a few years ago and while we were cleaning out her house I came acrossed a large box with coupons that have no expiration date, can these be used even if they are very old? Some of these coupons the product don’t even look the same as they did in the past.

    1. Yes, as long as there are no exp dates, you can still use these coupons. The cashiers may look at you funny when you try to use them. LOL

  22. I have manufacturer coupon that came in the mail so it is not a internet coupon and it is for a free product with no purchase require. Does Rainbow accept these coupons?

    1. When I have filled up two cars in the past, I just let the cashier know before I move the car so they don’t think I am trying to steal. Then my husband pulls in behind me on the same pump.

  23. Sounds like others are experiencing the same thing I just did regarding the $25 limit. I took my friend just now to the Oakdale Rainbow to show her how to coupon. We did the cereal deal and I had juice, so well over $25 before the $10 off and coupons and my coupons didn’t double. Not only didn’t they double, but the cashier was RUDE and refused to scan my coupons because the order wasn’t $25 on the screen. I told her it was $25 “tag” price, before deals, and she still refused to scan my coupons and called the Manager. The Manager showed me their flyer and it says $25 “after coupons.”

    Can someone check to see if the policy changed this week? Given all the previous comments, I think they changed it. I’ve NEVER had a problem with the “buy 6 get $10 off” deal before

    1. As far as I know the policy didn’t change. The $25 is AFTER store coupons…NOT a store promotion like the Kellogg’s deal. It takes $10 off automatically, so it isn’t a “coupon”.

      So did the cashier even scan a coupon? IF she didn’t scan a coupon, how would you know they didn’t double? Some stores are SUPER picky as to having $25 on the register before they will allow the register to double the coupon. Next time, grab a Rainbow gift card.

      I’m heading there soon to get in on the cereal deal and will have to see what happens.

      1. I pointed at the language and told the Manager a $10 off promotion isn’t a “coupon” and she literally grunted at me, said “This is our policy” and walked away angry. I looked at the cashier and said, “So you’re refusing to scan my coupon? I appreciate you trying to make sure I get the best deal and making sure they will double, but I’d like it if you could scan in my coupon.” (this was after 5min of her refusing) She scanned it, it didn’t double, and she smirked at me like, “Told you so!”

        I was just so disgusted at how rude they were I left my stuff there and walked out.

        1. Oh and my total at the time was around $15 (after the $10 automatically taken off). So my total was over $25 before the promotion and without coupons.

          1. That doesn’t make much sense, but they have started to change their computer programming as some coupons with DND won’t double anymore. You are always learning with couponing. Next time add on a gift card.

  24. Quick question… im a bit confused on a couple of things. First, does your total have to be at or above $25 before you hand them your rainbow card or coupons? Or does it have to be at or above 25$ after the first scan of coupons to double with your rainbow card? Second I see my barcode with numbers… most every coupon starts with a 0 then a 9 ( exp: 0988733421) does this mean that the coupon will not double?

    1. Hi Tessa…it kinda depends on your store even though your coupons will double as long as you have $25 in shelf price products. For example:

      5 12 packs of pop are reg priced $5 each = $25
      *If you had 5 $1/1 coupons, they would all double

      Now those same 12 packs are on sale for $3 each
      5 12 packs of pop @$3 each = $15
      *Use those same 5 $1/1 Pop coupons, they would double also, BECAUSE the reg price is $25.

      Rainbow’s registers go off of reg price / shelf price. So it may show $15 on the register, but on the shelf those 5 products would be $25. Now…each store can make you have $25 shown on the register before they will double your coupons. Here’s a hint…grab a Rainbow Gift Card.

      Oh…IF the coupon states DND (do not double) and it is with the NEW longer only barcode..there is really no way to know if the coupon will double or not. Though I have been finding that tearpads won’t double if it says DND, but coupons from inserts will still double.

  25. in regards to the $25 RETAIL threshold that you discussed. I have always went by the retail shelf price to calculate my $25 basket total and never had any problems, UNTIL THIS PAST WEEK… I think they may have already changed their computers (or at least at my location) to accept the sale value (if applicable) rather then the retail value. I shop every week, but this week was different.

    Last week I did a purchase where I had a basket total retail of $34 and it was $20 sale price…and it wouldn’t double my coupons. So i had the cashier void out the couple coupons that she ahd already scanned, then I threw some other things to get it above the $25 threshold (sale value)…and then they doubled just fine. This was not a cashier issue, it was a computer issue (meaning the cashier did nothing to NOT double my coupons).

    Has anybody else experienced this. If like to know if this is a isolated case of computer change or a company wide computer change???

    1. Did you give your manufacturer coupons first? Or did you give a store coupon first? IF you give a store coupon first, it takes the price of the coupon, not the reg price of the item.

      1. All I had for this particular transaction was Manufacturer coupons. It was 10 containers of Men’s shaving cream (only). They had a full shelf price of 3.49 and they were on sale for 2.00 each ((full retail being 34.99 and sale price being $20.00)).

        So…at 10 of these full retail, I should have had no issues doubling my coupons..

        1. Yes, you are correct. 5 of your coupons would of doubled on regular 5 double day, but all 10 coupons would of doubled on a double double day.

  26. Our P&S in Appleton doubles only AFTER $25 sale sticker prices…. then you can use store coupons and your Manuf coupons… I originally thought it was regular retail price, but learned when I came up short that its only after sale prices… no coupons involved you have to have the $25. Its so darn confusing !! The checkers at our store are so nice and very helpful even when I screw up my multiple transactions though!

    1. Are you sure you weren’t off in your retail price total? Even a .01 will throw it off. IF you use store coupons, it will “lower” your $25 retail and your manufacturer coupons won’t double. GIVE Manufacturer coupons FIRST then store coupons. It should double.

  27. Karen does any other stores take the rainbow manufacturer coupons for free milk and such. Many won’t take them because they say rainbow on them, even though they are manufacturer coupons. For instance will cub take them and will they take them if they are expired?

    1. Yes, most Cub Foods stores will still take them as long as they say manufacturer coupon at the top. IF it doesn’t say that, then it is a store coupon and no one will take them expired or not.

  28. Is it possible to buy a $25 gift card along with coupons to double? Then in the next transaction use the gift card to buy another gift card along with more coupons to double… A continuous cycle?

  29. Hi I am doing my first run to Rainbow foods using the double deals on saturday. I was wondering if there is a limit to the $5 coupon. So for example this weekend there is a special running that if you buy 20 woth you get back 5. I had double check and can’t find anything that will tell me otherwise. Please help me my brain is going nuts trying to figure this out.

    Thanks !!!

      1. I found that out! I tried it since I didn’t have an answer before I left but the cashier was valiant and but it through anyhow! I know now! I hate beeping…so I ended with 4 clean and clears for free–since she put it through manually…I had a $3 peelie–actually yesterday was fantastic and I have enough brats for all summer I think! Ha! thanks Karen and I will remember now we can only use the BOGO’s…!

  30. Can you use the internet coupons that say “Redeemable at Walmart” on them at Rainbow? Or can you relaly only use those at Walmart?

  31. I am totally new to couponing and I love this website for that reason! Thank you so much for posting all the useful info! I do have a question though….

    The other day, I went to Pick’n Save and they said my manufacture coupons would only double if my total was at least $25 “AFTER COUPONS- BEFORE TAX”. But, the regular price of all my items were well over $25.00. After my roundy’s card, they went down. Is that the “Coupon” they are referring to? I got the impression that by “after coupons” they meant ALL coupons. Even my manufacture coupons? Has the Policy changed since this was written?

    1. Hi Becca….systems are really funny. At my store, the register takes the “shelf” price of an item towards the $25 needed to double. Yet the policy states that it is $25 after coupons…they are talking store coupons / sales. IF you use a store coupon…ALWAYS give it last. Give your manufacturer coupons first.

      IF your total was over $25, your manufacturer coupons would / should of still doubled. Example:

      Cereal is $4 a box x 6 = $24
      Bread $1
      Total is $25

      BUT because I bought 6, I would get $9 off (cereal promo) making my total be $16. My coupons would STILL double.

    1. Yes, BUT now that has changed because of the new bar code system and you can’t tell on the long barcodes. All coupons should double unless it states DND on them. Then it is a 50/50 if they will double or not.

  32. The new coupon policy states that you cannot use gift cards towards the $25 total for double coupons. Can anyone confirm this?

    1. Yes, I can confirm it. THOUGH you can still get gift cards, just not Rainbow Foods Gift Cards. I have bought Subway and gas gift cards.

      1. Say, I don’t suppose you know whether it works with Visa or Mastercard gift cards? I just noticed my store has some when I went to pick up the weekly ad.

  33. Can someone please explain purchasing a giftcard to bring up the balance up to $25 to double. I’m new to shopping at Rainbow! Thanks

    1. Hi Emma…that has all changed now. You can no longer purchase a Rainbow gift card to get your total up to $25, BUT you can purchase a different gift card like Kohl’s or JCPenny, etc. Those have set amounts to them though.

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