Cub Foods 101

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Cub Foods~

Cub Foods Coupon Policy HERE
• Take expired man q’s up to 1  months
• Many stores should take Walgreens Register Rewards (expired or not)
• They do NOT take expired store coupons
• Can use store and man q together (called stacking)
• Catalina deals are BEFORE coupons
• Can usually ROLL catalinas deals
• Rainchecks expire in one month

Location Expired CouponsUp to 1 Months Register Rewards Coupon Friendly
Apple Valley Yes YesSometimes will not take more RR’s than items. Yes
Bloomington Yes N/A Yes
BloomingtonOld Shakopee location Yes  N/A Yes
Brooklyn Center Yes N/A N/A
Brooklyn Park Yes N/A N/A
Buffalo Yes Yes Yes
Burnsville No N/A No
Champlin Yes Yes Yes
Chanhassen Yes Yes Yes
Cottage Grove Yes N/A N/A
Coon Rapids -Both locationsCrystal YesYes. YesYes YESYes
EaganCliff Lake Yes N/A Yes
Eden Prairie Yes Yes Yes
Edina Yes Yes Yes
Elk River Yes No Yes
Hastings Yes Yes Yes
Mankato N/A Yes Yes
PlymouthRockford Road Yes Yes Yes
Plymouth West Yes Yes N/A
RochesterShorewood/ExcelsiorSt. Anthony

Silver Lake Road







St. Louis Park Yes Yes N/A
South MinneapolisNicollet Yes N/A Yes
Stillwater Yes3 or 4 months N/A Yes
SunraySt. Paul Yes Yes Yes
West  St. Paul Yes N/A Yes
Woodbury Yes Yes Yes

Cub Foods can have some great deals when you combine store sales, coupons and catalina deals. Cub Foods does have something great going for them too…the majority of the stores accept EXPIRED coupons by 1 months.  The chart will also tell you if they accept Register Rewards from Walgreens and if they are coupon friendly. Have you ever seen the manufacturer coupons in the Cub Foods ads? Don’t throw them away. Hang onto the coupons and you may find a use for them at a later date. Don’t hang onto the ones that say Store coupon on them as Cub won’t take those past their exp date.

Cub Foods will allow a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon together. Plus you may be lucky enough to get a catalina deal going on at the same time to really rock the deal. An example from last week:

Malt O Meal $2.50
Store coupon made it $1.75
Expired Manufacturer coupon ($2/2) made it .75 each
Buy 2 and get $1 catalina coupon made each bag just .25 each!

You can use that $1 catalina coupon to pay for most anything in the store. PLUS, the nice thing is that you can “roll” these catalina coupons to help pay for another round of deals with catalina’s.

You will sometimes see a store deal that may read: Buy $20, Get $5 coupon good on your next order (a catalina deal). You are going to want to look for items that will equal as near to $20 as possible. Once you build up your total purchase of items to $20, start adding in coupons to bring your total down. There have been only a few deals that state that you have to spend $20 after coupons, so be sure to read the fine print on the deal.

If it states you have to spend $20 after coupons, then look at what you want to buy and the coupons that you have for those items. For example:

Diapers are $5 x 4 = $20
– $1.00 a pack x 4 = $16 **
add on another pack = $21.00
– $1.00 coupon = $20
Receive $5 catalina coupon and final out of pocket = $15 for 5 packs of diapers

**You will have to buy another something, in order to get your total up to the $20 in order for the catalina to print.

Another deal that you will see is Buy 10 items, Get $5 off instantly. Basically, when you look at the ad, take .50 off each item and then tack on manufacturer coupons on top making for an even better deal. I have found that I have been able to buy these items in groups of 10 and still get .50 off each item. Though I will warn you not to buy more than 30 in a transaction as it seems the register doesn’t like to go any higher.

If you find items out of stock, don’t forget to get a raincheck for items. The rainchecks will last for a month. You should be able to get a raincheck on the sale price and the store promo Buy 10, Get $5 off instantly, BUT you more than likely won’t be able to get a raincheck for a catalina deal. It doesn’t hurt to ask at the customer service desk.

Happy shopping!

85 thoughts on “Cub Foods 101

    1. Rosemount Cub is coupon friendly, takes expireds and RR’s expired or not. Never had a problem there with coupons ever.

  1. I went to 2 Coon Rapids locations today. Hanson & Northdale and the Riverdale one on Round Lake Bvd. Both do take expired up to 3 months and they do take RRs (also expired to 3 months). They were both very nice about it and made my transaction work even when the coupon beeped.

  2. Monticello takes RR (expired ones too thank goodness, found $9 RR hidden in my purse expired) and expired man q (3 months) Very coupon friendly. If you go to some of the older ladies they will tell you about deals you may have missed :)

    1. Thanks! I live in Monti and am a skilled Target shopper, but I don’t shop much at Cub, so this helped! Especially because normally I avoid the older cashiers at Target.

  3. Willmar Cub takes coupons 3 months expired (to the exact date on the coupon).
    Depending on your cashier, they do take RR’s, but in my expierance, I’m told no more than yes.
    They are usually coupons friendly, I find that during the mid morning to early evening, I have the fewest problems, early morning and going past 6p is where I have the most problems.

    1. Both Madison stores take MFCs and RRs up to 90 days expired, although you may need to remind them of this policy.
      I ask at both locations from time to time just to make sure, and they always tell me this, but never have a written policy they’ll copy for you.
      The MFCs from their flyers don’t always work if they’re expired, and whether they push them through really seems to depend on the cashier. Ditto for using 2 MFCs on a BOGO sale…

  4. Blaine South (Northtown) takes Cats from Rainbow…I don’t know about Walgreen’s ones…

    Up to 3 months expired last I heard….

          1. White Bear Township takes expireds up to 3 months. I called the store and asked the front end manager. I have shopped there several times and have not had a problem with expireds.

  5. I’ve tried many times to use (non-expired) RR’s at Cub in Sun Ray – St. Paul and they will NOT take them. I’ve even asked at the Customer Service desk and they told me no. All of the cashiers read the “Walgreens” info and tell me it’s only available for use at Walgreens and they will not accept it. Anyone had different experiences?

    I started going to Rainbow now because they accept RR’s and double 5 coupons on Wed/Sat.

    Thanks for your time and effort in this website, Karen!

    1. Lisa…someone said that they did take them as that is how I got my info…though a few stores have been changing their minds and not taking them. I will ask on Facebook to see what they response is with those that shop there.

  6. Cub at SunRay refuses to accept RR. Cashiers are VERY careful at reading every word on coupons. They refuse to accept free internet coupons and even B1G1 free internet coupons. If free expired coupons that are not from internet they have to ask manager for permission. So I rather go to Cub on White Bear Ave or Woodbury. Cub in Woodbury accepts RR? They refused before but the lady manager is VERY friendly. Which Rainbow accepts RR?

    1. Forest lake target accepts expired mq and exp tq but I’m not sure of anything else. I think for the most part, they’re pretty coupon friendly.

      1. Wow…I would say they are friendly, because I don’t know of any other Target’s that do take expired coupons. Lucky

  7. Just an FYI for your chart above. The Cub in Mankato, MN DOES take expired coupons. Thanks for the great info.

  8. Is Cub supposed to accept rainbow catalinas, expired or not?I tried at my Cub (Nicollet in Mpls.) and they said no but I though it is a manufacturer coupon so why not. I have some expired free milk and egg cats from rainbow I forgot about.

    1. They are suppose to accept them as long as they are a manufacturer catalina coupon but each Cub Foods store can make up their own rules.

  9. Does Cub take Target coupons printed off Targets website? I have never had a coupon issue with the Crystal or St Anthony Cub. They are always welcoming. I always go to the younger checkers though, whenever I go to an older person (sorry to sound discriminatory) they always look at each coupon and it seems to go so slow. It feels like they want a life story. And I am not coupon crazy yet, I am only saving about $25-$30 each trip on a $120-$150 purchase.

  10. Just wondering if Cub will take the manufacturer coupons printed in their ad at a different date? Since they have a date range on them, but my cub takes expired coupons, can I save those and use them later? Maybe with a cub coupon as well? Has anyone tried this?

    1. Yes, you can use them later as long as they are the manufacturer coupons and yes, you can use a in date store coupon with them.

      They won’t take their store coupons expired.

  11. Rogers, MN Cub Foods takes expired coupons. I have heard up to six months but I think it’s more like 3 or 4 months. Have never used one more than about that old. Never had one turned down. They are coupon-friendly and often go out of their way to help you out. Nobody has ever been rude to me. I have had a few inconsistencies though but I think it’s just honest errors.

    I once noticed after I checked out that one of my coupons didn’t ring in. They happily reimbursed me at the service desk. I also once had been expecting a catalina for purchasing a specific number of mandarin oranges. I mentioned it to the cashier and she called the manager over. He was very nice and said if I saved my receipt and brought in a copy of the deal (which I’d seen on coupon network), he would fix it the next time I stopped in. It was a few days later and he kept his word.

  12. Hi Karen,

    I went to Cub today in Coon Rapids (Round Lake Blvd) and the cashier told me that they don’t take Walgreens RR’s anymore. I was totally bummed! Have you heard this before?


    1. Each store can make up their own rules. So even though one person may, it doesn’t mean they are all going to let you. Doesn’t make any sense at all.

  13. Cub Foods in Woodbury no longer takes Walgreens register rewards. I was in last night, 12/1, and was told they changed the policy and will no longer take them.

  14. Cub Foods in Elk River takes Walgreen’s Register Rewards up to 3 months expired. I spoke with the customer service manager tonight and she stated there has been no policy changes that she has heard of as to RRs. I used a $4RR expired by 2 weeks tonight.

    Coburns in Elk River has been taking up to 3 months expired manufacture coupons.I ask customer service desk every time I go in there to verify since it is not a corporate policy for Coburns. It is the managers policy I have been told. I don’t want a surprise when I get to check out :))

    Happy Savings to All :))

    1. That is because no one has told me anything about the Duluth location. :) I can’t drive around to all of the stores.

  15. Hi,
    How many of the same coupon can you have with one transaction?

    At Rainbow you are limited to 5 (at least on double double days)…


  16. I don’t see my Cub listed. It’s in East St Paul, 1177 Clarence St, 55106. They told me tonight I cannot use the Walgreen’s rewards coupons. They kind of got upset at me. I was using the self checkout, which took the coupon. It recognized the barcode and knew to take $10 off, but they came to approve the transaction and overrode it.

    1. IF your store is a franchise store, they don’t have to take them. Most other Cub Foods stores will take them.

    1. You just use them like cash. Give the cashier all of the manufacturer coupons you have and then hand over the RR’s. IF your store is not a corporate store, then they will more than likely not take them.

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