CVS: Tide just $1.53

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Starting January 13th, CVS will have a great deal on Tide detergent.   There is a Buy $30 in participating products, get a $10 Gas Card and Tide is one of those products.  Of course you can add in anything else also to make it up to $30…check out CVS’s Upcoming Sale ad for January 13th week..

Deal Idea:

Buy (5) Tide or Gain Detergent $5.94
Buy (1) Dawn at .99
Total for products:  $30.69

Use $4 off $20 CVS Coupon emailed to many CVS Cardholders
Use (5) $1.50/1 Tide Coupons from the 12/30 P&G Insert
Pay $19.19 ~ Get $10 Gas Card

Final price: $1.53 per item

***According to Jeff, who knows CVS, said that you should still get the $10 Gas card withOUT buying the Dawn.  I would try it without the Dawn to see if you get it and if not, then go ahead and buy the Dawn.  All of the other purchases will still be on your card.

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6 thoughts on “CVS: Tide just $1.53

  1. I was told by the clerk at the Brooklyn Park CVS that there was a limit of two sale items per transaction. Never heard that before.

    I was also told that all CVS stores are not supposed to accept any expired ECB these days. News to me, too, perhaps because I’m not a regular user of CVS.

    1. I havne’t heard about the limit of two items and be happy with being able to use expired ECB’s as that isnt’ a rule at all stores. In fact, the BP store told me they quit take expired ECB’s, but happy to know that they are accepting them again.

      1. The clerk at the BP CVS was quite nice and basically said, in not so many words, that she’d take mine, but the store was no longer doing so. (They were expired by 1 day.)

        Perhaps other stores are still accepting them, but she made it sound like the company is cracking down on that. The only time I had to use an expired ECB I went to Chanhassen as it’s not too far of a drive from where I live, but I haven’t been there in quite some time. I try not to let them expire so I can avoid the hassle of trying to find the right location to redeem them.

        1. I have thrown away a few ECB’s due to me losing them and then finding them too late to redeem them. It would be nice if they did take them a month expired.

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