Cub Foods $5 off $25 Coupon – Plus up to 5 more coupons

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Cub Foods just released a new program for their new and existing email subscribers. You know if you are signed up if you get the emails from Cub Foods each week with coupons in them. If you are not, then you can still sign up.

Cub Foods is excited to be able to offer new subscribers a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase. But, for those who are already receiving our email offers, you can earn up to five additional $5 off your $25 purchase coupons for each friend who registers!There is a maximum of five referrals per user, so choose your friends carefully! You won’t get another chance at earning the coupons if the first five you refer don’t sign up. However, for each friend that signs up for our Email Savings Program at your suggestion, you’ll each receive a $5 off a $25 purchase coupon. It’s that simple! For those who haven’t registered for our Email Savings Program yet, they could receive up to $30 off future purchases just for signing up and recruiting five friends to register as well. Click HERE to sign up or to share this offer with your friends to start earning coupons!

Step 1: Click on the button to PRINT COUPON. This will be your only chance to download this coupon. Make sure to get it now!

Step 2: Tell your friends about all the coupons, discounts and specials Cub® has to offer and get an additional $5.00 coupon for each friend who registers for the Cub® Email Savings Program (maximum of 5 referrals per user).

Again, only the first five referrals are eligible for the extra coupon offer, additional referrals after the initial five will not count towards getting another coupon. Also, the offer is one per household, and unsubscribing and resubscribing will not earn another coupon as well.

***The coupon will have your name and email address on it!  So it doesn’t pay to print it off more than once.  PLUS the coupon states that it is to be used after all other valid coupon redemption.  So,, you have to spend $25 after all coupons and then you can use this coupon.  My coupon printed and I have one week to use it. ****

7 thoughts on “Cub Foods $5 off $25 Coupon – Plus up to 5 more coupons

  1. Karen,

    Is your referral link in the post above? Or if you’ve already used your 5 referrals, does someone else want to refer me before I click anything to register and sign up for the program & get my coupon?

  2. I just used 2 of my $5 coupons, my own and one for a referral, at Cub last night. After looking at my receipt today I have noticed that they scanned my coupon, however, they charged a $1 for it which added to my overall grocery total and then show the deduction of $5 at the bottom. After doing the math and redoing the math, my coupon ended up only being worth $4. I plan to head over to my Cub store and get that taken care of ASAP. Not cool!!

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