Creative Couponing’s DIY Kids Project: Mixing Colors

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103_0571Creative Couponing’s DIY Amy’s kid’s project for the week is to learn colors by mixing and also a great hand / eye coordination exercise . Her son Tanner loves doing this activity.

  • Grab an ice cube tray ( we converted to silicon so we have these stored away!)
  • Fill as many “cube spots”  as you want up with water.  I would leave 1/2 open so your child can use the other ones to “mix” the colors.
  • Add different food coloring drops to each one, just a drop will do and then stir it around. I usually try to space the same colors out .
  • Get a medicine dropper and let your child suction up a color and move it to another color or even to an empty “cube” spot.

Kids love seeing that they started with blue, put it in yellow and it makes green!!!!!!!!! Tanner played with this for over an hour the other day. By the time it was over, his colors were not pretty but he sure had fun!

PS..If you haven’t noticed you may want to keep food coloring on hand if you are following my projects ;)

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